Recruitment requirements

Domestic Worker Visa Application

Applying for a Domestic Worker Visa

Please follow the steps below to apply for a domestic worker visa:

  1. Visit the Musaned platform through the following link:
  2. Register a new account.

Make sure to log in to the Absher services provided by the Ministry of Interior to verify the accuracy of the ID number. For more information, you can visit the Ministry of Interior website to access Absher services.

Steps to create an account on the Musaned platform:

  1. Start by visiting the official Musaned website at
  2. Click on the "Login" option and then select "Register a New Account."
  3. To register an account on Musaned, you must first verify your national ID through the "Absher" platform affiliated with the Ministry of Interior.
  4. A text message containing the Musaned activation code will be sent to your mobile phone.
  5. After activating the Musaned code, fill out the required form.
  6. Enter your official information accurately, such as national ID number, residence permit number (for residents), full name, Hijri birthdate, mobile number, and city name.

You need to create a new account on the "Musaned" platform, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, to obtain a domestic worker visa. This platform is responsible for all electronic recruitment services to protect the rights of all parties involved.

Procedure for issuing a domestic worker visa:

  1. Log in to the Musaned platform using your username and password.
  2. From the platform's homepage, select the "New Visa Application" service.
  3. To complete the application, you must pay the estimated visa fees of approximately SAR 2000.
  4. The application will not be accepted if there are any confirmed traffic violations.
  5. Then, fill in the visa details to choose the appropriate domestic worker, including occupation, nationality, and destination.
  6. Specify the method of financial capability proof, either through a salary certificate or a detailed bank statement.
  7. Upload the required documents to the system.
  8. To confirm the application, you must declare the accuracy of all entered data and commit to it.

Domestic worker visas are easily issued through the Musaned platform without the need for any significant effort.

Conditions for obtaining a domestic worker visa include:

  • Being registered with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).
  • Providing evidence of your employment status.
  • Providing a detailed explanation of your financial capability through a salary certificate or a detailed bank statement.
  • The number of visas that can be obtained varies based on the individual's financial capacity.

Procedure for paying domestic worker visa fees:

  1. You can pay through the official bank website, bank application, or at an ATM.
  2. Select the "Government Payments - Payment" service.
  3. Choose the type of service to pay for (Recruitment).
  4. Then, select the type of request (Domestic Worker Visa).
  5. Choose the type of transaction (Payment).
  6. To complete the payment, enter the employer's ID number.
  7. Specify the number of visas you wish to obtain.
  8. Finally, pay the domestic worker visa fees, as the full visa amount must be paid before submitting the application.

There are various methods available for paying recruitment fees, allowing you to choose the one that suits you.

Tracking a visa application:

  1. You can easily track the status of your domestic worker visa application by visiting the official Musaned platform website at
  2. Log in to the platform.
  3. From the homepage, select "Follow Requests" or access requests from your account dashboard by choosing "Visa Issuance Requests."
  4. All submitted requests will be displayed, and you can track the status of each request in detail.

Procedure for applying for visa cancellation:

  1. Visit the official Musaned platform website at
  2. Log in to your account and select the "Exported Visas" service.
  3. A detailed list of accepted requests on the platform will appear.
  4. Choose the visa you want to cancel.
  5. Your request will be processed within 14 working days.
  6. The request will be canceled, and the amount will be refunded to your bank account.

Our technical support team is always ready to answer any inquiries you may have. You can contact us at the following number: 0538222454. You will be notified of the application status within one working day through a text message and email if the application is submitted.